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The era of counterfeiting has ended for Moncler: the brand constantly improves its innovative solutions

Verification of product authenticity as an efficient way of fighting against counterfeiting

Nowadays counterfeiting is such a widespread phenomenon that for many companies fighting against it has already become a fundamental objective. Moncler, an iconic brand and a qualitative benchmark at a global level, is not an exception.

Brand protection, synonymous with Customer protection, is a company’s philosophy. In other words, Moncler puts the customer at the center of its fight against counterfeiting.

Anti-counterfeiting campaign

As part of its customer-centric approach and with the use of advanced technology, since 2009 the Italian-French brand has undertaken an extensive campaign accompanied with complete and structured activities to focus on verification of authenticity-traceability of its products, even in the after-sale phase.

Several years ago Moncler provided its products with its own anti-counterfeiting instruments, as the brand stopped using the Certilogo platform and discontinued the collaboration in 2013 to improve the technology by releasing a new and more refined label.

Using labels with QR code

The solution required a QR code for every product to be scanned with a smartphone. As soon as the consumer registered his/her product on the platform the system would confirm the model name and the unique code related to every product unit. If the product was authentic, the system would have given a thumbs up, otherwise, it would have requested to contact their customer support via e-mail.

Innovative NFC based solution

Starting from the Spring/Summer 2016 collection Moncler improved significantly its system equipping all its goods with an innovative NFC based solution. The chip, that is usually used for payments, serves to confirm the authenticity of the good. Thanks to NFC, a more interactive and efficient procedure is offered to customers that can access the special website for the verification of authenticity via QR code or NFC.

After several years of research and tests Moncler has finally deployed an accurate and effective system that restrains the production and sale of fake goods, boosts brand reputation in the long term and also provides company with the additional value through enhanced customer experience.

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