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How brands can get the most out of product registration: iRobot’s success

Product registration is a strong tool to engage your customers

How brands can get the most out of product registration: iRobot's success

Many companies successfully build solid relationships with their customers through providing great customer service. Let us look at the example of iRobot that, thanks to the product registration, constantly listens and quickly responds to its more than 2.5 million customers in all over the world.

iRobot, an American leading global consumer robot company, for 25 years has been developing cutting-edge technologies designing and producing robots that give people the opportunity to do more both inside and outside of home. In September 2015 iRobot, which had so far operated primarily as a hardware vendor, to facilitate the use of the new connected Roomba vacuums, decided to switch to running a high-availability, customer-facing cloud application and an Internet of Things (IoT) backend platform.


“Cloud connectivity provides Roomba customers with even more convenience and control, so they can use their phones to manage their Roomba, wherever and whenever it’s convenient,” says Ben Kehoe, a cloud robotics research scientist at iRobot.


What was behind company’s decision to integrate product registration with its customer service?

Faced with a problem of constantly increasing number of incoming service and technical support requests iRobot elaborated a single customer service platform for web self-service, chat, phone, email and product registration. Thanks to this platform that allows customers to register their products, call center agents have a complete picture of all past service interactions with every customer. This helps them get to the root of the customer’s problem more rapidly, to anticipate some possible problems for their existing and future customers, and take the necessary actions in order to prevent them.

How iRobot motivates its clients to register their products?

iRobot’s website proves a company’s serious approach towards product registration: indeed, there are many incentives for the customers that encourage them to register the purchased robots. Thus, on iRobot’s website you may find a powerful call-to-action that claims “register your iRobot product and find out all the benefits you can obtain”. On an easily accessible page some of them are listed for customers: activate the warranty, enjoy expedited support from iRobot Customer Care, join the loyalty program or iRobot community forum, and receive an exclusive promotional offer.

In this way, the product registration becomes for customers a kind of “requirement to fulfill” in order to have the full access to customer service and completely benefit from it. Overall, such strategy of explaining to customers that providing necessary information about themselves they gain a number of benefits in return resolves their main problem with product registration and turns out to be very useful for the brands.

To conclude, having the client-oriented approach and deploying a web-based platform iRobot successfully uses product registration to offer an excellent customer service. As a result, the company has grown its revenue reducing its operational costs.


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