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Gaetano Marzotto Prize, the Aubay Special prize awarded to Viveat

We are very pleased to announce an outstanding achievement of our company

On the 23rd of November 2017 the final competition of Gaetano Marzotto Award, known as the Italian prize of the year in the innovative startups field, took place in Palazzo Brancaccio in Rome.

As a result of the rigorous selection from more than 750 projects, Viveat was awarded the prize by Aubay, the partner of Gaetano Marzotto Foundation for the digital sector.

Stefano Trippetti, Aubay’s Vice President and International Partner, standing on the stage of Palazzo Brancaccio, explained the double recognition attributed to Viveat: «for intercepting the interests and influencing the decision-making processes of consumers, providing them with the information in the intuitive and innovative way, creating the interactions between consumer and brand and contributing to the further development of such issues as the fight against counterfeiting or the link to the digital wellness systems».

Thus, the startup received a considerable cash prize of 100.000 euro and the opportunity to collaborate in synergy with the multinational company that had over 2000 employees only in Italy.

Thanks to Aubay Viveat continues its expansion through partnerships with important international players in order to make the Internet of Everything revolution available for many companies.

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