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The importance of product registration for brands: a reality or a myth?

How brands can benefit from product registration

The importance of product registration for brands

If you are a manufacturer who does not use a product registration system, how do you know who buys your products? How do you know if your customers are satisfied with your company, and how can you reach out to them again?

It seems like quite a simple idea, however, many companies underestimate the value of product registration. Still relying on customers to mail back the warranty post-cards after they buy a product, they miss out on an outstanding marketing and customer service asset. Besides, consumers claim that they prefer automatic registration, followed by email and website, rather than post-card registration (source: a new study by B. Schoettle and M. Sivak of the U-M Transportation Research Institute). As a result, these companies do not benefit completely from the opportunities that product registration can open to them.

Product registration is a foundation of customer relationships and it also adds significant value. “Product registration information is the first step in understanding our customers, and knowing our customers, specifically what products they have purchased, is important to customer retention”, – says iRobot’s Director of global technical support Maryellen Abreu. – “We can build more robots, but we can’t manufacture more customers.”

Today the main problem with product registration is that it is a one-way street. Consumers give information about themselves, but receive little in return, and, consequently, they are not very motivated to fill out the required information. Registration of new products by customers can help manufacturers communicate important information regarding product updates or recommendations, activate warranties, track usage and maintenance issues, and aid notifications concerning safety warnings or product recalls.

Online product registration is also an efficient way to build brand loyalty and deepen customer relationships. As Nikon’s General Manager of technical support, David Dentry states: “In the past, customers would go back to their local camera store to learn how to use their camera. Now most of the larger retailers do not do that, so consumers come to us directly and we need to be prepared to help them.”

Nowadays in majority of cases call center agents have no idea about customer purchase history, and no strategy to cross-sell new product characteristics and services. As a consequence, consumers feel angry, disappointed and unhappy. All these problems can be directly resolved through online product registration. For example, sending an email welcoming the new customer into the family the same day he/she registered a purchase generates customer goodwill. Following that with a special offer to buy additional products enhances customer loyalty.

Online product registration also generates better marketing capabilities and can significantly improve sales. Thank s to on-line product registration call center agents receive customers’ feedbacks on products and on purchase process and their requests in an easier way, and, consequently, they gain important customer input.

Fortunately, we have a perfect, easy-to-implement solution for companies that want to get the most out of product registration: VIVEAT. Enabling a connection between brand and customers through the product we increase engagement and conversions.

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