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XRC Labs Cohort 5 Demo Day marked the final stage of 14 exciting weeks

Nine startups participated in Demo Day to show their disruptive innovations

XRC Labs Cohort 5 Demo Day marked the final stage of 14 exciting weeks

VIVEAT TEAM (from left): Cristina Zocca – Mattia Scaltrini – Enrico CorradiMarcello GamberaleMarco Cioffrese – Marco Gaiani

On April 19thXRC Labs Cohort 5 Demo Day took place in New York at the Parsons School of Design. The event was organized by XRC Labs, the accelerator for the next generation of innovators in the retail and consumer goods sectors.

Demo Day marked the end of the 14-week acceleration program in which XRC Labs’ companies had “turned from ugly ducklings into swans”. Nine startups with solutions that span from data analytics to customer experience design have been the protagonists of the day presented by Joel Towers, Executive Dean of the Parsons School of Design, and Pano Anthos, Founder and Managing Director of XRC Labs.

Guest of honour was Kay Unger, famed fashion designer and Chairman and Board of Governors of Parsons School of Design. She thanked Joel Towers for “having been in the center of making all of this happen” as he convinced the New School (the university which includes different colleges such as the Parsons School) to become the partner of XRC Labs. This partnership has enabled the New School to be at the centre of retail disruption.

In his turn, Anthos emphasized that “retail and technology will not diverge, they just need to be combined, and we need to learn from the technological models how to innovate faster”.

Kay Unger and Joel Towers

Pano Anthos

The New School

After the introduction it was all about the startups from Cohort 5. Here is an outlook of their innovative solutions:

LexSet presented its B2B software solution that aims at improving the way people shop, assemble and design for their homes.

Fillogic is an in-mall logistics platform designed to transform the mall into a cost effective logistics center.

Frenzy is an automated solution elaborated for brands, influencers, and retailers to monetize their images with no manual work or added fees. Thus, Frenzy identifies brand-specific products in fashion photos.

Viveat is a platform that connects brands and consumers through products. CEO Marcello Gamberale Paoletti explained that Viveat assigns to products a Unique Digital Identity, called Product Passport.

Hemster is engaged in integrating basic hemming services into the sales process at brick-and-mortar clothing stores by offering self-fitting kits to the consumers.

StoreDNA is an in-store platform designed to integrate store-level, customer-engagement data (collected via existing video feeds) with sales data from point-of-sale systems.

Convrg elaborated an AI-powered chatbot and voice experience platform that helps retailers convert returns into sales by upselling.

KiraKira3D is a mobile 3D design community that is targeted to Gen Z women. Founder and CEO Suz Somersall called KiraKira3D a “virtual Etsy” thanks to which customers turn into designers.

Clark is a platform designed to unite the offline and online worlds by helping shoppers to see and save (or purchase) products they find in-store to a virtual wish list without the use of an app.



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